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Reclining Vishnu (Anantashayana) (IBS300)


A very rare image of Vishnu reclining on the serpent Shesha. This image is commonly known as Anantashayana Vishnu, which literally translate as "sleeping on the serpent Shesha". The most famous portrayal is the stone carving at Saranga in Orissa.

In this superb folk art bronze Vishnu is reclining on the serpent, whose 5 heads appear above Vishnu offering protection. Vishnu is accompanied by his consorts Shri Devi and Bhu Devi. From his naval Vishnu is giving birth to the god Bramha, who is showing his devotion to Vishnu as the Supreme God. His vahana, Garuda, is kneeling at the front in anjali mundra. Originally there would have been a prabhavali at the back but this sadly lost.

Images of this are extremely rare and this is only about the 5th we have come across of any age. There is no damage and only a small amount of wear. There is a very nice patina all over.


South India
Size (cm):
13.00h x 11.50l x 7.50w

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