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Devi (Durga or Parvati?) (IBS284)


Here we have a very unusual piece and one which has offered us a little bit of a conundrum. At first glance we see Durga but upon closer inspection we are not so sure. In the Goddess's lower left hand is a lota/kamandalu, an aspect normally associated with fertility. This would make her a more benevolent form of Parvati (which is also Durga but in a different form). She is flanked by two lions, both of which could be the vahana (vehicle) of both Goddesses. The item in Her upper left is worn so quite difficult to distinguish. If it is a conch then She is most likely Durga as She carries both Shaivite and Vaishnava attributes but if it a lotus then She could be Parvati. In here top right arm She hold the trident of Shiva. The two Nagas on the prabhavali are interesting.

This is a very old piece and therefore has some wear to it. The colour is almost black due to the oils and smoke from many many years of veneration. Even though it is very old we are pleased to say that there no damage or missing parts. It is rare to find such pieces today.

For now we are simply calling her Devi until we can research more on her. If anyone has any comments they would be more than welcome.


Himachal Pradesh
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