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Ganapati Deva (IBS251)


A rare image of Lord Ganesha with his consort. His consort has different names dependent on what she personifies. These include Buddhi (intellect), Siddhi (spiritual power), and Riddhi (prosperity).

Ganesha is shown in typical style with 10 arms, the upper eight holding various attributes such as conch, axe, bow etc. In His lower arms he hold a butterball in one and embraces His consort with the other. Ganesha sits on a rounded lotus base with his vahana, the rat, by his side.

This is a lovely piece that is quite rare. There are obvious signs of worship as would be expected from such a popular God of this age. The patination is a lovely mid brown and there is no damage. There is small area of bronze loss at the front of the base. Ganesha eyes are inlaid in, most likely, silver. The line that is present down Ganesha's left side would have originally been inlaid with silver and represent the sacred thread of a God.

We are a little unsure of the exact origin of this piece as it appears to have mixed influences. The base could make it Orissan but at the same time it could quite easily be from the western area of Maharashtra.


Orissa or West Maharashtra
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